Friday, August 09, 2013


Some of you may think this is too crazy to be worn to the mall but hey! No one stopped me from doing it, so I just did it. Aaahh the perks of being a young adult! 
As I've learned from my SCL 9 class: according to Erikson, a young adult ranges from 18-35 years old (I'm 19, just in case you don't know) and for me, being in this time of my life means to live young and free!!! But being responsible as well. :)
In terms of fashion, I am still eligible to wear plunged backs, cropped tops, shorts, sky high heels, crazy prints, eye-burning neons... you get it now right? Hence, the choice of neon green and medieval joker-inspired leggings (Do they call them 'joker'? Help me out here haha!) Plus, I added a clutch that looks like a book, which my parents think is very very weird (sometimes they don't get my choice of accessories hehe). 

Despite my love for craziness and everything young, I still have a sense of responsibility; to show that, this ensemble was constructed as if I was going to the office (cause you know, office people are responsible people. They should be). Do you see it? Haha! Maybe not because of the reflection of light on my top. But this vest, if it was in the colors white, black, or gray, it's totally wearable to the office! My mom even said she had a top like this during her working years, but in black, of course. Seeee! 
And to go with my office attire, my hair was in a sleek bun and my choice of accesories were a slim ring, a simple necklace, and earrings which all match!!! (This was my first jewelry set, given to me by my mom and dad when I turned 13) Hahaha! 

Whew! The story of this outfit. I seriously got exhausted from all the explaining to make sure you, my dear reader, understands my point of view. I hope you did. Hahaha!

That's how fashion is in my life. It's my medium to express myself, my stories, and my principles. Some might not get why fashion is such a big deal but as they say... an artist has his own truth and their own way of seeing the world, a scientist has his own truth and their own way of seeing the world, and so fashionistas also have their own truth and their own way of seeing the world. :) 

Vest: Pink Manila | Leggings: Forever 21 | Bag, sunglasses: Yhansy 

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