Friday, August 16, 2013


I give you my wearable version of modern architecture! Tadaaaaaaa! 

As I have observed, modern architecture characteristics include: minimalist, monotonous, and linear - these were my focal points in dressing up! 

MINIMALISM - not too much accessories just a gold watch from Michael Kors and a black tote from Prada. Enough said. It's fun excessorizing but you've got to remember simplicity is beauty. The ensemble was perfect enough as it is. Plus, can you imagine the convenience and comfort of not having too much accessories? Yeeeaaah! 

MONOTONOUS - Black and white! Everyone knows how strong these two colors can be, so it was no trouble at all wearing them. However, you know in fashion, a pop of color never hurts! And a pop of red was definitely the right choice. 
But may I just say I super duper love this sweater from Forever 21 because of the intelligent mix of cotton in gray and sheer in black! It is absolutely gorgeous and interesting but still a minimalist piece. 

LINEAR - This outfit just had the right amount of lines - along the side of the trousers from Forever 21, the strategic cuts of  the shoe from Primadonna, and even the divisions along the top between the cotton and sheer. If I had worn a pair of striped pants or a striped top, then it wouldn't be too minimalist at all, right? (yes, I just had to justify hehe)

Plus, don't you just love how the background matches my modern architecture look? Yeeaah, I'm creative I know. Haha! 

What do you think of my look?  


  1. bag doesnt match the outfit. Buteverything else looks good <3