Saturday, August 31, 2013


I look like I'm going to jog, don't I? 
Or not. 

If I were to join a fashion run, this is definitely what I'm wearing! 
The top from Forever 21 is perfect with anything, it's so simple yet bold and sexy. The harem pants from SM RTW, are the most comfortable of all! Not skinny, not baggy, not too long, and definitely not short - it's comfort and chic in one! And the best part of all - COTTON!!! I believe it is the most comfortable and most versatile fabric there is! 
  The jacket from North Face is very functional, especially for our kind of unpredictable weather here in the Philippines. I was able to maximize this jacket cause it rained on the day I wore it. The hood can be tucked and hidden under the collar that's why you don't see it here. But it definitely kept me dry while walking in the rain. 
And to top it all off, my black bedazzled cap from Club Princess!!! This was bought by my boyfriend during one of our dates. Thanks Juliano Lin!!! Who knew we'd be able to find this from Club Princess? Usually you'd find tiaras, furred fans, girly sleeping masks, and animal print slippers when you go to one of their shops. So I was shocked to find this! Well not really so, cause they also came in colors, magenta, turquoise, and gold hahaha! It's really the girliest shop I've been to! Anyway, back on to the cap - I love it cause it's edgy, on-trend, and sparkly - perfectly fits me!    

But for a fashion run, I might have to take a second look on those heels from Primadonna. Though I love how it goes with the outfit, I wouldn't want to sprain an ankle or trip tragically during the run, right? Sineryoso ko talaga?? 

(Btw, don't you think my title is so old school. Well high school-old school! 
Run baby run, don't ever look baaack. 
They'll tear us apart if you give them the chance

What do you think of my look? 


  1. i think if you took off the jacket and the cap it'll look better. Or if you used a different jacket. I love the top btw

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  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate it! :)