Friday, December 21, 2012


Hello readers!!! (woohoo! I have readers hahaha) I've been super busy with school and other life matters, that I haven't been able to update my small and humble blog! So now I've got so much backlogs; but no worries, I'm back in the business baby! 

During our semestral break (see! What did I tell you? Backlog), my family and I went to Cebu!!! We stayed there for about 4 days - first stop was Mactan then on the third day, we drove to the city. 

This is my view of Cebu from the plane, arriving!
We stayed in the Crimson Resorts in Mactan. Truly, it was one of the most beautiful resorts I've ever been and they have THE friendliest staff you'll ever meet! 

For our first day, we ate outside of the hotel and found this place called Oyster Bay. It was recommended by the hotel staff, so we definitely had to try. Oysters and scallops are one of my favorites so tadaaaa!

Our 2nd day in the resort was well spent swimming! So we walked back and forth the swimming pool and the beach. Both were equally spectacular! 

That's my dad and sister, doing a photoshoot hahaha! 

And this was a random Korean couple. Btw, most of the guests were Koreans. 

There I was feeling sexy and free. Check out my huge biceps. Haha! I'm kidding.

We even got hennas! And since my mom and dad are awesome like us, they got inked as well! 

Third day was a road trip to Cebu City! But since I don't have that much photos of that day, I'll just post random stuff!

My breakfast was all about bread and pastries! 

The night we got home to our cottage, we were surprised with this little critter, left by the nice housekeeping people. They even got my sister's sunglasses and wore it on this baby!

And here I am feeling hippy. Wait! Is this hippy? Maybe mildly hippy. 

Day 4 was for our tour around Cebu City. First stop was the Sto. Domingo Church! 

Within the boundaries of the Church was the famous Magellan's Cross. 

These candles are placed underneath the cross, and they are said to be offered prayers. 

Our last stop was the Taoist temple!

That's my dad showing off his tattoo cause it matches the dragon. 

And finally, we went back to the hotel, packed our luggages and went back to Manila! 

Next up is a run through of what I wore for the four day trip. And I must say, I was all about comfort. Different from what I usually strut. 


Sorry I just took these photos by myself inside our room hihi


I stated one cause I only have one photo. Haha!

Cebu was definitely a blast and I would gladly go back! That's it for my comeback post and I shall try my best to update consistently. :) 

Paisley blouse: Pink Manila | Necklace: Yhansy | Shoes: PinkyToes | Shorts: Mango
Top: Forever 21 | Studded/Aztec shorts: Bubbles | Bikini: Pill 
Crochet top: Forever 21 | Loafers: Shoebox

What do you think of my looks? 

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  1. It's Sto. NIÑO, by the way.