Friday, January 23, 2015


Whew! 5th block exams are finally overrrrrrr!!!!!!! It was the most exhausting so far in my med life. At last, I'm back in the arms of my fashion, my blog, and my free time. I have at least a month to relax, sleep, and just be carefree! 

Just like today's post, though at sight the outfit doesn't scream carefree - kinda looks like the opposite actually - with its dark palette and constricted feels, but really I feel as free as bird in this ensemble! The dress was slim but loose enough to allow me to breathe, the flats are the best so I wouldn't worry about having to balance on skytower heels, and the hair is braided to the side so I would stop fixing my hair in place every now and then. This is one of the outfits, I can say, would be the comfiest I've been. 

But of course, we are not going out of the house without adding a few trinkets. Well actually, I just had one - this beautiful necklace my friend, Sharlyn Guvean, gave me!!! But it was all that I needed. I love how playful its is with all its metal fringe and the design itself is extravagant but very light on the neck. It isn't as heavy as it looks. It made me look like I did more effort on the outfit than I actually did. 

So happy to write again and to edit photos and to publish another post. Oh how I've missed! Nevertheless, I'm happy to be in a place where I can pursue my life-long dream. In one month though, I'm back to the aroma of caffeine and to the kisses of sleepless nights. Hahaha! 

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