Sunday, December 11, 2016


I have decided to relive my blog for the month of December! I missed posing, editing, and writing so much!!! However, due to the time constraints that come with med school, I can only do this for a month. And then it's back to instagram and facebook posts for my fashionista ego. 

Here's my take on the very on-trend layering with a slim tank top, also known as "spaghetti strap"! I'd like to believe this concept was initiated by designers and fashion moguls, but let's admit it - it was the Kardashians who placed it on the fashion history books. It was a few months ago when the internet was judging and bashing the sisters for this bold take on the spaghetti strap. Then, a few months later, BOOM! Everyone's doing it. The lesson here? Never judge. You might end up eating your own words. ;) 

Also, let us take this time to appreciate how much fashion has evolved - gone are the days when spaghetti strap tops were just worn as camisoles or undergarments. Now, they're everywhere in all colors, patterns, and lengths; perfect for the girl who wants to show off her brazen shoulders. Seeee, another reason to love fashown!!! 

I just had to post my sister's outfit cause proud ate here!!!! I am amazed by how she has grown into a lady of grace and a woman of fashion. With her newly-colored virgin hair and vast improvement on her make-up skills, she deserves a place on my blog. Pluuuus, super happy with her new love for exploring fashion and styling. Like this outfit, it's definitely one that I would sport. Again, PROUD ATE HERE!!!

Adding also, our super cool finds! They're both stylish and highly affordable. My white turtle neck top from a fashion house in Maginhawa St., Q.C. and Tricia's top from Grey Avenue in Taft Ave., both houses brands that we usually see in instagram or other online domains. Both are under Php 200!!! Admit it, both tops look expensive. ;) Cause fashion should not just be for the rich and famous, it is meant for all who are willing to embrace it. Charot! Hahaha! 

Lyka || Top: Forever21 | Jeans: Stradivarius | Shoes: Zara | Bag: Ted Baker | Necklace: Forever21
Tricia || Pants: Uniqlo | Shoes: Payless | Watch: Michael Kors

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