Friday, October 10, 2014


First day OOTD in Japan!!! 
Don't you just love the leather on leather combo? It may look as if it's hot to wear but believe me it was way way colder in Japan! And yes, despite the freezing breeze, I still went out with my tummy exposed to add fun to the whole serious tomboy outfit. That's what you call "tiis ganda!" Hahaha! 

The focal point of this ensemble is the jacket - my boyfriend's jacket, actually - I love the combo of cotton, made to look like denim, and the leather sleeves. Whoever made this is a genius!!! So cool and sassy! I wish I could keep this forever! Ahem ahem! *wink wink* 

Anyhoo, rushing this post cause my mom's being clingy and is forcing me to have lunch with her. Hahaha! Four more outfits in store for you, Japan styleeee! 

What do you think of my look?  

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