Monday, May 12, 2014


[The last photo] Oh you know, just not concentrating while taking my outfit shots... 

If you have seen my instagram images, you'd know that this was the ensemble I wore on our very first day in Taipei!!! And I will be blogging about our trip soooooon! 

To establish contrast from the colorful backdrop of Taipei, I decided to don a full black and white outfit. What I really love about it is the polished and cohesive look. It could pass off in the office, don't you agree? Just not sure about the knee-length socks though; but if your buddies with the boss (or if you ARE the boss), then no problemo! As what I have observed, a pair of knee-high socks adds length to one's figure; and, I guess, most people would want an inch or so added to their height, so I dare you... You'll look taller, at the same time, confident and fab!!! 
Also, try to look for dresses like this from Forever 21, it adds curves to any type of body because of the black coca-cola shaped panels. It gives the illusion of a exaggerated feminine body - which is definitely the summit of sexy! 

Plus plus plus, what I can declare as my greatest bargain yet are these combat booties I bought in Ximending just beside our hotel!!! Guess how much? FIVE-HUNDRED PESOS (say 12-13 dollars?)!!! Talk about fabuloooooouuuuusssssss! :"> Btw, you will be seeing more of these boots in this blog because these are the shoes I wore for the 3-4 days I stayed in Taiwan. You can't blame me - I was super excited!!!

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What do you think of my look?  

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