Saturday, May 17, 2014


Oh yes, when I am in a place that I really like, I tend to be a little touristy. Teehee! 

If you have read this blog from way way back, you'd think "hey! This dress is familiar" Aaaand you're right, this was the dress I wore on my very first post! 

Let this be Lyka's iconic dress - years from now, when I'm considered a woman of history, they'd go back to this sunny yellow cutout dress. It shall be an icon like Audrey Hepburn's LBD, Marilyn Monroe's white dress, or Jackie O's pink suit. Mark my worrrds. Bwahahaha! *cuckoo!

Anyway, back to reality!!! Remember that when you invest in clothing, make sure it's going to be with you for the long run. Don't just go for the one-time use habit, we have to be practical! Like this one, I've used it many many times, and it has always been sturdy and can still make heads turn! Plus, remember styling is the key so it wouldn't look a bore. You'll be surprised as to how many times you could use it, and no one would notice that you've worn it for the nth time. 

This was the 2nd outfit in Taipei, only one more to go! 

What do you think of my look?  

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