Wednesday, May 07, 2014


Don't these images remind you of...

You think you own whatever land you land on,
The Earth is just a dead thing you can play
But I know every rock and tree and creature
Has a life
Has a spirit
Has a name

If you don't know that song, well then I can't imagine how miserable your childhood was. Haha! Kidding!!! Pocahontas wasn't my actual peg for this outfit. I was going for a more "gypsy mermaid" kind of look (which was supposed to be the original title of this post). My sister and I were planning to take the outfit shots on the beach, that is until we saw this beautiful rocks and trees backdrop - then it was a total turnover! The slippers came off to take hold of that authentic pocahontas-one-with-nature feel. I just love it!!! 

The skirt from RipplesbyJenny (instagram) is absolutely lovely! It's very light and soft, and is very comfortable. Plus, it's an automatic "aircon" for the legs! Hahaha! Expect to see this again on this blog - this time for a tougher look. See! It's also versatile. The whole nature-esque feel was completed by the floral top I got from Phuket, Thailand, and the flower crown from Fiori Manila! I mean, hello! If you want to be one with nature, then there's no better way than to wear flowers. And let's not forget the anklet I got from a boutique in Lakeshore, a stop-over on NLEX. We just bought this on the way, it costs only PHP10! So what the heck, we just went for it - added a cute touch to my outfit, don't you think? And as an explanation for the tremendous number of rings... keep in mind, my peg was originally GYPSY mermaid. So they had to stay. Hahaha!  

I can't wait for another disney princess look - though I don't know how I can pull off the others... Oh well! Might just surprise you! :) 

What do you think of my look? 

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