Saturday, April 19, 2014


When I hear the words "America's sweetheart", this is the kind of outfit that comes to mind. A 'sweetheart' is literally someone with a sweet heart (duh!): someone who is all lovey doveys. To better play that character, hence, the choice of a skater skirt that moves with the wind, wedges for a softer image as compared to the powerful stiletto, and of course, a necklace with the word "love" on it (Come on, you ain't a sweetheart if you don't have this necklace, girl! Haha!). Yeah, you can say this was definitely inspired by "America's sweetheart" given the choice of palette - red, blue, and white! 

My definite favorite of all these pieces is my top from Forever 21! It's actually designed like a one-piece swimsuit so you wouldn't have problems when you want your top tucked in. I just hate having to fix my tucked top every time I stand up or I sit down, so this was truly a convenience for me... except for the part when I have to go to the bathroom. Hahaha! And since it's the season of summer, where the temperature has completely risen, the low back design has to be given two thumbs up! What you thought was a normal shirt in front is given a different image from the back - both cute and sexy! 

What do you think of my look? 

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