Thursday, January 02, 2014


... it's back to school!!! (insert your emoji here whether a cheerful smile or a depressing frown haha!) 
So here's a back-to-school outfit for all the nerds, fashionistas, artists, and other school stereotypes. Though I think this outfit works better for the three. But you can tell me otherwise! Just comment down below. Hihi! 

I think the perfect outfit for school... should not be wearing heels! Hahaha! But for the love of blogging, I chose to wear my neon heels from Primadonna to match with my green collar necklace from Yhansy. For school, you need the perfect set of jeans because they're one of the most comfortable pieces you'll ever wear in your life, aside from boxers of course! Another comfy necessity is a fun, cozy sweater! You need this one especially if you'll be inside an air conditioned room the whole day. And yes! It has to be fun like my "Find your inner Smurf" sweater from Forever 21; with all the long hours in class and the stressful deadlines, the least you can do is wear something that will liven up your spirits! Finally, the cherry on top of your school-ready style should be a tote like this mine from Lancel that's big enough to carry all essentials for school, grooming, and hygiene. You don't want to look and smell like you only had two hours of sleep, even if you actually had only two hours of sleep. :) 

And to add another element for this outfit so I'd look more studious... 

Yay or nay? Hahaha! 

So prepare your minds and bodies because vacation is oveeeeer! But don't be dismayed because summer is just 3 MONTHS AWAY!!! 

What do you think of my look? 

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