Sunday, November 24, 2013


You might be wondering why for the first time ever I did not include any portrait photo! Did you notice? That's right, go back up, look at all the landscape photos.  
Well, I have got a very simple answer for you: I had no photographer. 
I shot all of these by myself. And since I could not find our tripod, I had to position the camera on top of a table over a pile of books. And can you imagine the height of my lens that time? That is why I am seated in most of the photos. 
Did I mention it was super hot that day? Since I had no remote, I had to angle the camera, press the timer, run to the position, fix my self a bit, and pose. Then go back to the camera again and check the image. Then, do the same sequence all over again. I was literally sweating like a pig (hoping you don't see it in the photos!). 
Oh the things you do for fashion! 

So enough about that no photographer day, on to my outfit! If I can recall clearly, I had errands to do on that day. And if you're as busy as me, or even busier, then comfort is the first thing that should be in your mind. I think I achieved the comfy look perfectly with this matching top and bottom from The Ramp! What I love about this is you've got an automatic romper kind of look which makes it less hassle if you're thinking of how to match a certain top with hundreds of bottoms. However, if you're being creative, you have two separate pieces that can both be worn in so many ways! Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!
And what really attracted me is how classy the print and the design is even with a playful romper kind of look. 

To further polish (cause you know I am the polished kind of girl), I just had to match with a set of pearl earrings, a pair of golden cap toed shoes from Primadonna, tied up hair, a simple black watch from UnlimitedManila , and a white bag from Zara that's big enough to carry my essentials and small enough for situations when I am in a rush. 

Polished dressing doesn't mean having to look uptight, and comfy dressing doesn't mean having to look lazy. You just have to strategize in order to achieve the perfect mix of genres. 

What do you think of my look? 

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