Saturday, December 07, 2013


Yes, it's time for a change. New haircut, and hey! New style. 
But still my biggest problem is I can't change my rate of blogging. Still struggling to blog every week. Forgive my lazy butt. 

The reason why I cut my hair - no, I'm not heartbroken if that's what you're thinking - was because I'm experiencing drastic hair fall! I was heck scared for my crowning glory. I can't imagine me being bald. I'm not one of those blessed girls who still looks good whether they have long hair, short hair, messy hair, or even bald. If you are that type of girl, I envyyyy you!!! 
But I'm super happy I chopped my hair off, I feel light and fresh! Plus points cause it's bouncy! I pretend to be one of those girls in the Dove shampoo commercial where they say "I'm a Dove girl and I love it!" Hahaha! *cuckoo*

If you'd noticed, I am more on the comfort style nowadays. I don't know, maybe it's just hormones. Or maybe my style is evolving to being a minimalist. Whatever it is, I am happy about it. Just like what I am wearing now, I feel young and free!!! The statement tee, the jeans from Nava, and the sneakers combo - it just screams TEENAGER!!! But of course, I had to add a spike of spice - cropped top from Forever 21, sneaker wedges from S&H, and those adorable studded/spiked cuffs given by my aunt! 

But if you are more on the conservative side. I've got another option for you:

Sorry, you can still see my tummy a bit. Hahaha! But you get my point, right? With the jacket/polo or without, it still looks young! So go ahead and rock out your youth days while it lasts! :) 

What do you think of my look?


  1. You're so voluminous

    1. So im big? Hahaha! Well i better head to the gym. ;)