Friday, June 28, 2013


To all the Sherlock fans out there, please give me this blessing to use the title of the first ever episode of Sherlock Holmes starring Benedict Cumberbatch - A Study in Pink. 
Ever since a friend of mine introduced me to the world of Sherlock Holmes, which included a couple of squeals and fangirl moments towards Cumberbatch, I have been SHERLOCKED. (See what I did there? Hi Kriska!)

Anywaaaay, on to my outfit! I guess it's pretty obvious why I entitled this as such. No, it's not just the pants, but my top as well is pink, in the lightest shade of pink you'll ever see. 
There is nothing wrong with wearing the same color for your top and bottom! It was even the "bomb" before our generation adopted print on print. 

The trick here is to combine different shades of the same color so you wouldn't look too monotonous or too "that was so last season!" Plus, a pop of color never hurts! Especially if it's strawberry and mango. Mehehe! Get it? I'm wearing ice cream flavors... Oh, never mind. 

And since I was aiming for sophistication that day, gold will always be the way! :)

Top: Forever 21 | Pants: Apartment 8 | Shoes: Primadonna | Necklace: Yhansy | Watch: Guy Laroche | Bag: Burberry 

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