Sunday, April 07, 2013


Hey girls, don't be scared to repeat the same clothes, especially if it's super worth it like this ombre sheer skirt. Style them differently and you'll be surprised as to how different it looks from the previous time you wore it. OH HOW I AM SO MUCH IN LOVE WITH THIS SKIRT!!! Hahaha!

This is day 2 of our Batangas get-away! And who said you can't be all covered up on the beach? Reasons why I love this ensemble:

1. It's conservative yet playful and sexy
2. Very very comfortable
3. The whole ensemble dances with the wind, making it alive
4.   Though it's covered, it's totally not making me sweat 
5. I can sit, stand, jump without having to worry if my bikini top or bottom is still in place

But the main reason why is I can walk dramatically on the beach with this! And people would be like "Hmm. What's her story?" Hahahaha!... weirdo.

But hey, I'm not a no no to the sexy, skin-baring fashion style of Malibu girls, okay! I would definitely love to try that out. Just follow your heart as to what makes you feel comfortable and, more importantly, what makes you feel confident.

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