Thursday, April 04, 2013


Surprised? Yeaah! I am starting to consistently blog again! (this is a backlog though). 
In January or February, I think, my family went for an early summer vacation - this time, it was in Batangas. Hey! You have got to love your own right? 

But not much of the sceneries, I know you're here for fashion. Hahaha!

I know what you're thinking "She wore booties to the beach?!" Hahaha insane right? But hey! Fashion knows no boundaries. If you want to wear a head dress to the mall, then go ahead! If you want to wear wedges to a camping trip, then go ahead! If you want to wear a bikini to church, uhmmmmm... I don't think that's a good choice. If you want to wear pajamas to a formal ball gown event... OH HECK NO!!! Hahaha! Just remember: balance is the key and of course, aptness should always be kept in mind.  

I just want to say thank you to my lovely girlfriend Sharlyn Guevan for giving me these booties last Christmas!!! I tell you she is THE BEST SANTA in the whole wide world. Not only did she give me this, but also a pair of sharp earrings and a beautiful edgy necklace. I shall blog them soon. Hihi! 

So, for this look I wanted to look light and fresh! Hence, the choice of hues. All colors on me are very comforting to the eyes, don't you think? Plus, with the kind of heat we are having now, we don't want the rays of the sun following us everywhere we go. Remember! The darker your clothing, the more heat is absorbed (Aha! Physics! Neeerrrddd)  

Oh and just to emphasize I love love looove those little tea cups on my socks, they're so girly. Hihi! You just got to love those little details. 

Ta-Tah! Hahaha! 

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