Sunday, April 28, 2013



Aztec is that kind of print which can stand on its own. You don't need much accessorizing to do because the print itself captures your audience. (Hahaha! Audience talaga?!) 

But since I am so in love with the print, I decided to pile it on. The problem here is that it could get messy and be unappealing to the eyes. For this ensemble it was easy for me to negate that problem since the dress is almost monotonous to blue while the clutch is to pink. So it doesn't look messy, but at the same time,  the prints from the dress and the clutch popped and matched. 

I simply just love this dress because of the intelligent positioning of the sheer sections. It's conservative as well as sexy because of the back! Exactly my type of dress. (blush blush)

For the shoes, I chose to go with blue, so it would match with the dress and tone down the ensemble. Then choosing neon bracelets to add to the playfulness as well as an extra oomph!

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