Friday, October 19, 2012


So there's this thing going on in the blogging world - if you are an avid reader of blogs, you would be aware of this little, well not little but BIG contest happening. The winner of this contest will get a chance to style the gorgeous Solenn Heussaff in a fashion magazine spread! HOW COOL IS THAT?! Answer: Very cool.  
The theme of this contest is entitled White's Hot! Basically, from my understanding, we incorporate white things to our wardrobe of the day.

And tadaaaaa my White's Hot outfit!!! :)

Doesn't this last photo make me look like a stylist who has been running around to find the right pieces of clothing but still keeping it together? Yeeaah, I thought so too. Teehee! :)

I entitled this entry "LOYALTY" because of my loyalty to the theme. I tried my best to just sticking to the color white and to matching it with Solenn Heussaff's style,  I swear! Moving on, we all know Solenn Heussaff is a bombshell - and with that, I meant fitting enough to be a Victoria's Secret Angel (Get it? The brand's Eau de Parfum? Bombshell? Keep up with me please, laugh!) so it was a definite must to show off some skin. This white mesh I'm wearing is actually a cover up for when I'm in the beach, but I knew it was perfect for giving off that Solenn vibe. I wore a blazer to keep everything look put together and classier. I kept the accessories minimal because I wanted the outfit to look relaxed and chill, just like how this day was. I just love it when there are no cars passing by our street. :) And finally, to showcase ms. Solenn's insanely long legs, nude pumps were the way to go! They instantly give you that length you need. 

And that's about it! Please check out the White's Hot page HERE and try submitting entries. You'll never know you might be lucky enough to meet Solenn Heussaff in person, and be her stylist for a day! :) 

Mesh: Freeway | Shorts: Mango | Belt: Yhansy | Bag: from Singapore | Blazer & Pumps: Forever21 | Ring: TOX Accessories | Watch: Guy Laroche 

What do you think of my look? 

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