Tuesday, October 23, 2012


 Guess where I am? TAGAYTAY!!! Well, we had some Vietnamese visitors living with us for a few days and my dad decided to take them out of the metro to get a different feel of the Philippines. And the nearest destination was of course, Tagaytay!
I had a hunch that it was going to be pretty windy that day, and what better way to enjoy the breeze than wearing a sheer kimono, right? This piece of clothing is flowy and light, but can still keep you warm, in case it's chilly! But my kimono is fierce cause it's got a fusion of animal prints! 

I wanted to look like 'hey I'm fierce but I'm cool and chill' hahaha! And so I popped on these booties and was ready to roll! Plus, they matched the wilderness vibe of my kimono (actually it's my sister's hehe).

A beautiful scenery of Taal, the smallest volcano in the world!

Taal Vista Lodge

 That's our little Vietnamese friend, Hoa! He's awesome like that posing for the camera. :)

Yes, my sister and I were having intimate moments with the Taal volcano. 

White sleeveless and Kimono: my sister's | Jeans: Nava | Booties: Gifts Ahoy | Cuff: from Vietnam | Necklace: gift from a good friend of mine, Carize Castro 

What do you think of my look?