Friday, October 17, 2014


PLAYFUL. The best word to describe such ensemble. Don't you just love it?? Cause I'm completely head over heels! Probably my favorite out of all my Japan outfits! The red socks from Closet Projx is to die for! It was the cherry on top - I didn't even know I'd actually be able to work out something. This was my focal point cause I bought it especially for Japan. I was actually scared of what the outcome might be, cause that piece of clothing is really not something to mess with. It is easy to go wrong with those bold socks. Whew! Cheers to the stylist in me. Haha! Also, I have to thank my sister for the white sneakers from Bershka I didn't think she'd let me borrow cause it was just sooooo... white. (I never allow her to use any white thing from me btw)  So thanks sistaaar, Tricia Atienza! You can find her on instagram @triciaatienza. 

You can follow me too! @lykaatienzaaa Hihi! 

Btw, maybe you noticed the minimal number of pictures? It's because my dad was taking them. Love my dad for having to kneel down on one knee and follow my every demand for outfit photos. Hahaha! He was tired by the end of the trip cause of this. Thanks dad!!! 

What do you think of my look? 


  1. U remind me of Taylor Swift! Maybe cos of the title, haha, it's a good thing!

  2. I am honoured, thanks! Hahaha!