Saturday, November 09, 2013


No longer the Histrionic Dresser, but now the LAZY DRESSER! 
I know what you are thinking: "she was too lazy to dress up but she had the time to curl her hair?!" I guess because of the effort and time it took to curl my hair, I lost all my energy to think of what to wear. Haha! 

My opinion to escalate lazy dressing is that although you have got very simple pieces, make sure to always look polished (unless, of course, you are aiming for the rugged look). Like for this one, instead of a loose shirt, I opted for a fitting tank top that perfectly matches my shoes and watch. By having pieces in the same color scheme, the look becomes more cohesive. But don't overdo it! Because if overdone, it may look a bit tacky. 

For the accessories, I'm sure you don't want to think too much because you are lazy. So the best bag to bring is a body bag! Just wear it over you and flyyyyyyy! Let's admit a hand bag is super hassle while a shoulder bag is comfortable, it doesn't level up to the comfort of a body bag. 

And if you're lazy, then you probably don't want to wear any makeup. The solution? SUNGLASSES!!! 

However, do not be dismayed, I am not fully converting into a lazy dresser! I am still the polished histrionic you know! 

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