Sunday, October 27, 2013


It's that second time of the year again, Philippine Fashion Week is alive and kicking once more - giving us the upcoming trends for next year's summer season! I was privileged enough to be invited to three shows, however, due to the unlikely circumstances, I was able to attend only one!

Despite the sob story of missing two shows, I am still very happy to be able to see the wonderful collections of 5 designers: Anthony Ramirez, Chris Jasler, Lizanne Cua, Melchor Guinto, and Randall Solomon.

Out of the 5 designers, two brilliantly stood out for me.

The second his bright yellow collection walked on the runway, there was a like a choir angels singing above me, alas! SUMMER IS HERE! And it is waiting for us in bold blues, reds, yellows, and florals! It was a very striking collection and is truly meant to be strutted under the heat of summer, one can't ask for more. Plus, the addition of the chinese-like slippers that all models wore was just priceless! Three words to describe this collection: bold, conspicuous, and grabby!
Below are some of my favorites from his collection. (Photos taken from STYLE BIBLE)

This collection was painted with pastels and light colors, in contrast to Melchor Guinto's bold choices. What I admired most about this collection is the intricacy and complexity of the garments. First dress that came out, you know instantly this collection is truly loved by its designer and was delivered with hard work (maybe even a bit of sweat and tears). Traditionally, we think the more voluminous the gown or the longer the train, the more beautiful the dress is. But at the dawn of this age in fashion, designers have been disproving "the bigger, the better" mentality, they focus on quality over quantity, and Randall Solomon did just that. 

Below are some of my favorite pieces from the other designers: 

Opening the show was ANTHONY RAMIREZ



And finally, to wrap this up - what I wore to fashion week!!!

What do you think of my look? 

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