Friday, January 04, 2013


Don't you think that this skirt is just to die for??? I love the colors and the ombre magic of this clothing!!! Whew. I'm going crazy just describing it! :)

I think this is how one should enter a new year, a new beginning: you should be floating on air, like how light and breezy this skirt feels; you should have a colorful palette for the moment you start to paint your canvass of life; and your heart should be calm and at peace, despite the chaos of this world, just like the calmness of this whole ensemble.

I give myself a pat on the back for creating this look. I think it would be one of my favorite ensembles for 2013. Hihi! I wore this to our family reunion, mom's side, actually.
First time I saw the skirt, I immediately fell in love with it! I didn't even want to try it on for fear of not looking good on me (Thank God, everything went well in the fitting room) and so the skirt became my starting point.

Since it was a family affair, I opted to wear this simple blush pink, collared, SHEER top (I really did the sheerest way to start the year haha!), it perfectly fitted the occasion! It was sexy enough and at the same time conservative enough for the people I'm with. Plus, the blush pink color continued the ombre effect with the peach shade of the skirt, giving the illusion of length!

Any comments on my accessories? I chose mint green and jade for my accessories to make it more fun, adding pops of color never hurts! Plus, the colors were light enough so as not to destroy the unity of the outfit.

Oh and have you seen my book bag? It's fabulous, I know!

Whew! I've said so many things already. Too hyped about this outfit.

Top, skirt, ring, shoes: Forever 21 | Bag: Yhansy   

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