Saturday, July 07, 2012


Here I am, finally starting on my first outfit post. Forgive my amateur photos :)

The dress reminds of the 40s style, but so much modernized because of the cuts on the midriff and the length of the dress, so this style is  what I call 'contemporized 40s'. 

Forgive my messy house, cause it's under renovation. Haha

Here's a clear view of the intensity of the colors I am wearing. :)
Seeing that the inside lighting doesn't really work, we decided to take it outside.

Jellybean dress | Herbench cardigan | Wengski and Tomski necklace

Back in the that era, long gloves were very popular, so instead of gloves, I wore a cardigan to keep my arms at bay and to keep the ensemble looking conservative.

TOX rings

 To finish it off, I wore gold and pearl accessories to match the $$$RICH$$$ vibe of the people during the 40s era. 
Parisian shoes
Balenciaga bag

After, a good day's shoot, I smile. :D
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