Tuesday, July 03, 2012


When I become famous and die, this will be part of my memorabilia: Lyka Atienza's first blog post. Hahaha! (Who am I kidding?) Anyway, cheers to my first ever post on "Histrionic Dresser"!

When you open your closet, and you see piles and piles of clothing but cannot find anything to wear.. I'm telling you "Girl, you need some inspiration."

In 'My Documents' - yes, I am talking about my laptop - I keep a folder of photos on clothes and fashion, that I grabbed from the net and entitled it INSPIRATION. These photos give me ideas on what my next outfit could be, helping me decide on what I can do with the white tee that's just sitting on the shelves of my closet for 2 months, or with the jeans that I've been pairing tank tops with for the whole season. You can do the same, instead of just stocking everything in your memory, why not save the exact image in your device's memory? Hahaha!

So here, sharing with you my inspiration board.




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