Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hi guys! :)
I haven't been able to update this Histrionic blog of mine cause of our hectic schedule. We're nearing to the last day of school (which is 2 days from now by the way) so all our professors are catching up on the lessons  and deadlines so we could make it to the finals. And true enough, we did make it. Bummer. Haha! Kidd! :)

Thank God I'm done with my majors, I give two thumbs up to the College of Science for setting up a really good schedule for our finals! So right now, I'm just really really REALLY lazy to get up and study for my remaining subjects; instead, I decided to act like a bum, surfing the net while eating junk. 

Anyway, proceeding... 
Remember back in high school when Christmas gift giving was mandatory? Then all who participated would post their wishlist either online or on a piece of paper or on the board or wherever, as long as your secret Santa is informed? Oh how I miss those days. 
So I decided I'm bringing it back since Christmas is just 75 days away! 

This is a call out to all my loving friends who care about the happiness of their Histrionic friend ehem ehem (yes, I'm talking to you) and of course, to my lovely parents! Hi mom! Hi dad! :)


Isn't it just a beauty? I love this fabric cause you can wear it anywhere - to a party, to the beach, to the mall, even just to a friend's home - depending on the way you style it. I love how it can show off your skin but still leaning on the more conservative side, just make sure you cover up the right places, of course. 


Need I say more? Metallics are obviously a conversational piece because for one it's shiny! Who doesn't love shiny clothes that would make you stand out! And two, it's futuristic. And people love the future!


Floral patterns are your best friends when you want to look all girly for a day. A hint of floral can instantly make you look sweeter and more girly. (just like those doc martens above!)


Aztec has been gaining its popularity in the fashion industry since last season, designers and retail stores have been showcasing prints of Aztec! Who could blame them? They're just so cute and playful! You can pile on clothes in Aztec prints and it would just look cool! But remember, balance is the key.


I know bows are not really the big thing as of the moment but I swear it will be! They're just so cute and adorable, all sweeties love them! Bows have always been around us but you have to admit, every time it's present, it's a statement piece!


Yes, I'm that kind of girl who prefers to flaunt my back than my girlies. For all you girls who are not really gifted on the front, show off your back instead! I think it's even sexier leaving more for the imagination.


Enough said. 


And I mean the deadly ones! If florals can instantly make an outfit girly, spikes will definitely do the job of toughening up any outfit. 


Yes, I want it on my bag, accessories, clothes, even lips! Neon can brighten up anyone's day! It's definitely a head turner. Sometimes it's the only thing you need to give that "pop" in your outfit. 


That last photo is me! Follow me on instagram @lykatienzaaa

If you've been reading my blog, you would see that I'm a fan of necklaces; and big statement necklaces are definitely an essential. When you're lazy to dress up, just wear a stunning neck piece , or pile on necklaces, and it would instantly dress you up. 

So there you have it! My Christmas wishlist! But also applies to other occasions. Hehe! 

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