Tuesday, September 04, 2012

SINCE 1908


Born in the East end of London in 1908, this is Europe's first and oldest, authentic denim brand.
Lee Cooper Jeans had just been baptized to the Filipino society last August 29, 2012 through the launching of the fashion brand in Marriott Hotel, Resorts World. 

Lee Cooper Jeans offer a wide selection of styles to choose from, may it be rock glam, or may it be as if you're going to the queen's ball!

Check out that belt!!!

Check out those pants moreeee!!! I'll make my brother or guy friends wear it. Looove! 

PHOTOS COURTESY OF: Lee Cooper Philippines

Too bad my blogger self forgot to take my camera so I have limited photos. Huhu! (So I have no outfit shot as well) 
Everything was all about the red coats that night - the venue, the clothes, even the runway and the lips of the models! It was a very enjoyable show. We got "loot bags" at the end which contained a tumbler, a USB, and a black shirt, which all had "Lee Cooper" on them of course! So thank you Lee Cooper!!! But most of all, thank you to my uncle who was the Creative Director of the launch, Butch Pena, who did an absolutely great job! :)

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