Monday, September 17, 2012


Now, who said shirts cannot be fashion forward? With just the right mix of clothes, a tee shirt can be as classy as the Little Black Dress of Audrey Hepburn or as spunky as a biker chic's leather jacket. 

The shirt I am wearing here was a gift from one of my BESTEST friends, Rai Mortel! It was for our "Feel Good Friend" or FGF party back when we were in first year college. He gave me this superman shirt to remind me that he will always be there for me - my "man of steel"! As you can see, the print of the shirt is already breaking cause it's really old and has been overused for the past two years. This is the first time I wore it outside the house! It's not obvious that it's my pambahay right? Ha!   

So, on to the outfit, I was going for a rocker but classy look! Most of the pieces of this outfit are edgy like the necklace, the shirt, the bracelet, and the shoes. The houndstooth skirt was just the right piece to add to make it classier. Don't you just love the Dior-like print??? The blazer, undoubtedly, just completed the equation! 

(just some of our photos that day hehe)

Skirt, blazer, necklace & ring: Forever 21 | Shoes: Primadonna | Bracelet: TOX Accessories | Bag: Balenciaga

I never knew I wore several pieces from Forever 21 until now. Haha! 

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