Sunday, August 12, 2012



1. The Crisp White Shirt

This is very very essential because this is the most versatile item you can have in your closet. You can button all the way up or leave the first two unbuttoned for a more casual look or you can unbutton all the way and wear over a tank top or a dress. 

2. The Comfy Sweater

Everyone needs this in his/her closet in case it's chilling outside. But it doesn't mean you can't be fashion forward with it. You can choose one with prints or patterns and that could be your statement, or one that's plain and just dress it up yourself. 

3. The Mini Skirt

So why a mini? And not a midi or a maxi? It's because the mini is the easiest to play with. With a mini, you can don a rocker, a sweetheart, a skater, an office woman, etc and etc, we could go on and on. 

4. The Boxy Blazer

Your blazer is your best friend! In those days when you feel so under dressed, your blazer will be the one to lift you up from that misery. It can easily make a look more pulled together and dressier - the magic of the blazer. 

5. The Nude Pumps

Some may think black pumps are the necessity and nude can be the add-on. Nu-uh, girl! (Well, for me at least haha!) Your nude pumps can instantly give you looonger legs! Plus, it can add class to any outfit.

6. The Black Bag

Need I say more? Black is the easiest color to get away with. So for those days when you just can't decide which bag will match your outfit - which, may I just say, is the biggest fashionista dilemma ever! - I'm sure your black tote will be your hero. 

Put them all together, and what do we have? 
Plus, a cute little bow tie. :)

Crisp White Shirt: Ensembles | Sweater: Uniqlo | Skirt: Bottomline | Blazer & Pumps: Forever21 | Bag: Prada | Bow tie: Riot | Watch: Rudy Project  

What do you think of my look? :)


  1. This look is so chic! Who knew a mix of basics would create such a powerful look and that bow just tops it off perfectly. :D

  2. Wow thanks so much Adly! :)

  3. very nice basic look, simplicity rocks:)
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