Thursday, December 29, 2016


After red on Christmas eve... GREEN!!!!!! Christmas colors all the waaaaay! And since velvet is so on-trend this season, I wanted to get my hands on those textured babies. This was the last small size in F21 and I forced the staff to remove this LAST piece from the mannequin display. The funny thing was, before the guy removed it, he told me "small po to ah!" and I was like "ARE YOU SAYING I LOOK LIKE I WOULDN'T FIT IN SMALL???" Hmmmm... insecurities are sinking in. Hahaha! Naaah, even if it had 'M' on the label, I'd still get it if it's the right fit. 

So ladiesss, my advice (I like giving pieces of advice, though I'm not quite sure if you should listen to me hehehe): always get the right fit for you! Don't tell yourself that you'll buy one size smaller just cause your new year's resolution is to diet and exercise in 2017. Get the size that's right for your body type NOW and shine NOW! Do not wait for your body to reach ____ lbs/kg to shine. That's futile. You are beautiful no matter what your size. 

Illuminate, my darling!   

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